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Day 8 – Let’s Heal!

Day 8 was healing and mediation day. It is a great progression day on day and I was very ready for some mediation and healing after the week I had.

don’t get me wrong it was a great week but sometimes your body require some self comfort and healing and so is your mind.

We spend a few minutes just sitting down, connecting to our body, our sitting bones grounded to the floor, our hard lifting up to the sky with every breath, relaxed shoulders, even some face relaxation and smiling.

We then started to gently stretch from the sitting position by putting our hands extended in front of us.

We then extended the legs open in front of us and enjoyed some side and back stretching. I find the side movements a lot easier that stretching the back by laying forward.

The hard part with the back stretch is to bend while keeping your legs straight. It is surprising to realise that after only a week of daily yoga, we already start to get some habits of breathing deeply and push ourself with every exhales.

We then finish the exercise with a pose I find particularly enjoyable and loved to do. we put one leg, bend in front of us while the other was extended at the back. We then bend the extended leg and hold the position by catching our ankle and maintain the position.

The position in itself requires some focus not to collapse and drop on the hip or turn too much that while enjoying a strong stretch we also clear our mind.

I only hope we will be able to do this again soon.


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