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Thailand, Khao Lak and so much more!

I recently visited Thailand for the first time.  i have to say it was my first trip to Asia too.

I don’t think i could have picked a better country to visit for my first time!

Khao-lak is an hour drive away from Phuket, ok maybe more 1hour and 30 minutes but so worth it.

We initially expecting the traditional resort, with big buildings after big building and a few coconut trees.

What a surprise to arrive to a green resorts, with low raise buildings al well hidden behind trees and more trees 😀

Thanks to an upgrade, we got the chance to move from the room side of the building to the villa side.

I was really please with our initial choice of booking a swim up bedroom, however after discovering the Jacuzzi villa, I would definitely book a villa again 😀

Overall, the resort was fantastic and i would really like to go back if the chance arise.

That being said, the best discovery for me was the culture and the people. i alway knew the asian culture was somehow richer (spiritually speaking). I always felt that the culture was kept as a key part of the living and therefore not lost to development yet – unlike the forest).

What I discovered is an even richer culture, full of generosity, a desire to live a good life and be good to the world.

The politeness was so refreshing and as long as you learn how to act in a new country (Wai is extremely important) you can only be welcomed.

The beauty of this trip was the multicultural diversity we encountered.

From tourists in the resorts varying from Dutch, Danish, American, Belgium to the staff being Thai, Filippino to only name a few.

My next posts on cultural diversity and Tourist spots will be coming up soon 😀


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