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My take on Asia and friendliness :)

I have travelled to quite a few places in my few years of travel —> don’t get me wrong, i’m far from well travelled and still have so many places to discover.

I always had a fondness for the Caribbean, whether it was the very touristy Dominican Republic or the not so touristy US and British Virgin islands.

Brazil was equally fantastic and made me want to discover South America even more.

A few of my friends who visited Vietnam, Laos, Bali and obviously Thailand kept on recommending Asia. I therefore decided that this year, I will be discovering Asia!

So here I am, packing up my bag and flying up to Phuket.

I have friends from all over the world and therefore aim to travel with no expectations and simply take on the diversity the world has to offer!

From our first minute in Thailand, I could feel some differences from the Caribbeans, South America and frankly Europe as well, more than just the nice humid heat that hit you when you leave the airport 🙂

The whole place (inside and out) was already greener, people seemed nicer but equally reserved but that could have simply be because I was in an airport 😀

We then went outside and got to meet our transfer driver. This men, which I unfortunately forgot the name, was the most adorable person I’ve met in a long time.

Friendly, smiling and very helpful! We asked him where the smoking area was, not knowing if he would let us  take a 5 minutes break or whether we were on a tight schedule!

Our driver was really nice and pointed us to the designated area, even offering to keep our luggage and started loading them in the car.

Fast forward to the drive, he provided insights on Thailand, the location we were going to and any additional information on specific spots we were passing by, a real tourist guide that added to a great 1h30 drive!

So this was my first hour in Thailand – from this onward, I realised how welcoming and forthcoming the Thai people are.

The arriving at the resort, the staff at the reception was extremely helpful, and i’m saying that from having been in resorts before, they were going above and beyond to ensure our stay was as enjoyable as possible.

Overall, I’m fully aware that we were in a tourist location and it was their job, however there was something more, from the friendliness, the way people say hello to you (going back to the Wai), the way people travelled from different nearby countries to work in Thailand and seem to be enjoying their life in the country.

Overall, i found that people were very proud of their country, of the rich culture they have and were so happy to share it with us foreigners travelling and sharing their lifestyle for a few weeks.

i’m looking forward to discovering a lot more about Asia and the amazing people and culture that made my first trip to Asia a trip to remember.



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